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Interviewing Geniuses

This week over at /Film, I posted up two interviews with directors I deeply admire: Danny Boyle and Chris Morris.

As I like to say about certain directors, Boyle “gives great interview,” and even if he’s giving the same answers for the 500th time on his press tour, he still manages to imbue them with a profound enthusiasm. I always love films and the process of making them MORE after I speak with him. Boyle’s new film, 127 Hours, is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before and takes the guy-trapped-in-one-place genre to a whole new level. LISTEN.

Morris, on the other hand, has a whole different kind of energy. I’m familiar with his TV work from the past and there’s an undercurrent of “Fuck the establishment…and your expectations!” running through all of it that’s as infectious as the work of Monty Python was decades ago. I think his first film, Four Lions, is bold and challenging, but also very, very funny. LISTEN.

Incidentally, these were my first interviews recorded using the Zoom H4n in conjunction with external mics. I’m extremely pleased with the results, sound-quality wise.