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Information Seeking Behavior in The Big Lebowski

Emily Dill and Karen L. Janke from Indiana University have written a wonderfully titled academic paper: “‘New Shit Has Come To Light’: Information Seeking Behavior in The Big Lebowski.” A sample:

Whether intentional by the writer/director Coen Brothers or not, The Big Lebowski reveals how subjective the terms “information” and “facts” truly are in the 21st century; a world of nonstop news and ubiquitous talking heads. What is truth to one person is not necessarily truth to another — what is merely a ringer briefcase full of “whites” to one person can be a $1,000,000 epiphany to the next. The film’s most important contribution to the study of information seeking behavior is its illustration of how a highly complex information search is not about finding the “answer,” but rather about an individual’s ability to make sense of and create meaning from the process of information seeking.

I love when academia and stoner comedies collide. This instance looks to be suitably entertaining.

For further reading on Lebowski, check out “Life Does Not Start and Stop At Your Convenience: The Greatest Mystery of The Big Lebowski.

  • Michael Weldon

    I love The Big Lebowski!!

  • Well, that's just, like, your opinion man…

  • I read the entirety of these fine academics' publication and found it remarkable. The intellectual, albeit comedic artistry with which they intricately weave The Dude’s tale, whilst charting various forms of information seeking and the pros/cons of each method with colorful imagery is delightful. Cheers, ladies.
    “Careful, man! There’s a beverage here!”