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Do you really want random people rewriting your script?

Screenwriter John August, writing about’s new movie studio:

Several readers have written to ask my take on all this. I won’t conjecture about anything beyond what’s on the press release and website, but I’m left with some pretty big questions. I have a hunch other screen-bloggers will be tackling some of the glaring ones, like copyright, authorship and the 18-month free option. So I’ll just ask one: Do you really want random people rewriting your script?

In software development, the open source movement has succeeded in bringing teams of strangers together. But writing code is a lot different than writing a screenplay. A bad line of code is obvious; it doesn’t do what it needs to do. A bad line of dialogue is a judgement call. A thumbs-up, thumbs-down voting system isn’t likely to fix this.

  • Michael Weldon

    I'm going to put my script up, that I've been working on for many months, on the site in January. Fuck it, if it gets stolen and is close enough to the original likeness, I can prove I wrote it first (because it's been uploaded to the site).

    Lastly, I'll be writing scripts every month of next year. If I can land just one first place prize, I'll have enough money to move to LA right now instead of having to wait another year of saving money…

  • Michael: I think you have a really optimistic view of our copyright system's ability to protect against intellectual property theft. Too optimistic, in fact.

  • Michael Weldon

    I don't really care if someone takes my script and banks on it. I'll be upset at first but I'll get over it. It will make for a nice war story later in life… But I want to be a writer/director, not just a writer. I would probably feel differently if I wrote a script with the intention of directing it. The scripts I'm writing aren't as personal to me. I'm saving the ones I want to direct for when I'm in a position to actually direct them.

    But, If my shit gets stolen and someone makes money off it, it just proves the films I want to make are viable in this market and I won't have anything to worry about in the first place. 🙂