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Black Friday Makes Me Proud/Ashamed To Be An American

Today was Black Friday, and while I’ve enjoyed participating in this day of madness in the past, I just wasn’t feeling it this year (probably because I feel like I have everything I need in the realm of material things…for now). Farhad Manjoo has a “Black Friday survival guide” that’s also a great summary of why the hell it is that normal, everyday people will turn into complete freaks when it comes to getting $10 off a toaster:

Black Friday superfans concede that they’re an odd bunch. They all know that these days it’s possible—and maybe even likely—that you’ll get better deals online. So why go out at all? Because for some people, shopping on Black Friday is insanely fun. And if braving the cold and the crowds isn’t your idea of a good time, you shouldn’t bother.

“I love the thrill of going out and getting a deal,” Zahary says. “It’s very satisfying, like you conquered an objective in life, while still saving money and getting something wonderful for yourself, family and friends.” Steffj89, a BFads forum regular, writes, “I love the crowds, the thrill of the deal, the people, the noise, this is MY SUPERBOWL.”


Meanwhile, Gizmodo has a great rundwon of “The Ten Most Absurd Black Friday Trample Videos You’ll See.” Here’s a taste: