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FOX: Won’t Give An Interview To Us? We Will F*CK Your Movie Over

News Corp. is pooling its considerable resources together to screw over any film whose stars won’t give interviews to its outlets. From the Sydney Morning Herald:

‘Before we were quite disjointed as a company … but we are really getting together now to say ‘OK, if you don’t want the help of the Fox network then let’s see how your film goes’. We are really starting to push back,” Devlin said…What it will mean for the rest of the Hollywood studios – Sony, Paramount, MGM and Disney – remains unclear as they face the prospect of being denied any air time on Sky, Fox News and Foxtel or coverage in The New York Post, The Times and The Sun in Britain or Sydney’s Daily Telegraph.

The wonders of media consolidation at work.

  • wow.

    well it only makes sense that it wouldve came back to bite them in the butt sooner or later. Seriously though? Some actors have it in their contract to not do publicity for feature films? Thats a little far, I mean I can understand if they cant make some due to scheduling or them burning out, but to go as far as to say "no" to any of it just directly sais "I dont want to be bothered by you." pretty much to the face of the very people who control the airwaves that are gonna ramp the publicity for their own movie.

    I'm sure the generalization will be made that all actors/actresses are doing this, but I know they're not. I hope this dznt bring in some crazy new Actors Guild laws or something that will force everyones hand. or worse, the FCC (nah)