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From the Archives: 50 Minutes of Peter Jackson and James Cameron Talking About 3-D and Filmmaking

At San Diego Comic-Con in July 2009, I sat in on a panel in which James Cameron and Peter Jackson shared the stage and chatted about their filmmaking process. At the time, my iPhone 3GS was still new to me so I tested out its voice memo feature by recording some of the panels I was at. The audio from this panel has stayed on my iPhone 3GS ever since. I release it here for your listening pleasure.

The audio is terrible quality; it was recorded from my seat 1,000 feet away from the stage, using sound from Hall H’s speakers. It’s incomplete; it only contains 50 minutes of what I think was a 75 minute-long panel. And one other thing: The moderator for this panel, while he delivered a great intro, was probably the worst moderator for any panel I attended at Comic Con this year.

Thus, I left halfway through. But if you’re into film and you have never heard this conversation yet, it might contain some interesting nuggets for you.

Part 1: Download it now or play in browser:

Part 2: Download it now or play in browser: