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I Presented Batman: Arkham Asylum To My Harvard Media Class

Today in my Harvard class on Media, I presented a talk on Batman: Arkham Asylum, the excellent videogame by Rocksteady Studios. I talked about the context for the game’s creation, demonstrated some gameplay, and then discussed the implications that violent videogames have for teachers and students. A couple of notes:

  • My presentation was given a hard limit of 20 minutes. The laughter at the beginning of the audio is the class’s reaction to me syncing up my iPhone stopwatch with the Teaching Fellow’s stopwatch. Apparently no one else was neurotic enough to do this.
  • About halfway through the presentation, I knocked the iPhone (which I used to record the presentation) off the table. You will hear this on the recording.
  • Part of the purpose of the presentation was to relate the game to readings and teachings from class. The readings referenced at the end of the presentation are taken from the course syllabus.

You can download the file or listen to it here in your browser:

And here’s the Powerpoint presentation I gave, so you can follow along: