• For me, rule Number Nine stuck out the most. To often do people just say the same crap that other sites have said, not even trying to differentiate their posts. Those are the lazy hit mongerers who hope they can attain some hits purely off of the headline alone. It's more about building trust with your readers and establishing your own voice; THAT'S what makes a good blogger (or writer in general, for that matter).

  • There's some decent advice there, but I think he's missing the most important one from my experience, which is to interact wtih your readers and the rest of the part of the blogosphere where your blog belongs. A good blogger responds to more or less every comment you get. Even if it's just someone saying "That's a great post", you can always be polite enough to say: "thank you". As a commenter you want to get some kind of confirmation that the blogger is interested in comments and read them. You need a nod. That makes it more fun to comment. And more comments makes a blog that feels more lively and populated.

    You should also try to comment on other people's blogs. Not self promoting comments, "come and read my awesome blog instead", but meaty, interesting, relevant comments. If you appear to be a smart person, people will be curious and check you out.

    Blogging is as much about good writing as it is about networking.